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About Alithya

Alithya is a leader in strategy and digital transformation in North America. Founded in 1992, the company can count on more than 3,000 professionals in Canada, the U.S., and Europe. Alithya's integrated offering is based on four pillars of expertise: strategy services, application services, enterprise cloud solutions, and data and analytics. Alithya deploys solutions, services, and skill sets to craft tools tailored to its clients' unique business needs in the energy, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation and logistics, professional services, healthcare, and government sectors.

Vision, Collaboration, and Commitment

At Alithya we are proud of our 40-year history of delivering solutions and services for the nuclear industry to produce safe, clean, and reliable energy for the people of Canada.  As responsible professionals in the energy industry, we owe it to future generations within Canada, and the rest of the world, to continue to deliver clean energy for a low-carbon future.  We also need to bend the cost curve of nuclear power such that all Canadians can have access to affordable electricity.

We believe that Small Modular Reactor technology is part of the solution to produce clean, affordable power, and is the future of nuclear in Canada.  As such, we are committed to offering our knowledge, expertise, and advocacy to the SMR community, and fully endorse the Statement of Principles in Canada’s SMR Action Plan.

Our nuclear sector and technology expertise spans from the control room to the boardroom. At the plant level, we have expertise designing and deploying systems such as control/Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and simulators.  At the executive level, we excel at enterprise application deployments such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and cloud.  We focus on Operational Technology-Information Technology (OT-IT) convergence, connecting plant and business systems together by leveraging our capabilities in IoT, AI and analytics, digital twins, and Enterprise Performance Management.  We also have a major practice in cyber security – ensuring security and regulatory compliance for our customers digital assets.  Our work in nuclear covers the design and development of safety-critical shutdown systems, reactor control systems, monitoring and Human Machine Interface (HMI)/SCADA systems, plant data historians, simulators, and IT solutions for large enterprise utility customers.

Being a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) N299.1 and CSA N286.7 compliant company, our unique mix of computer system, software design, and integration experience, regulatory and cyber security compliance expertise, and extensive domain knowledge positions Alithya well to support the SMR community with respect to meeting regulatory commitments, but also ensuring safe and reliable operations and maintenance of new facilities.  Our staff have contributed to the development of several industry standards in the areas of safety-critical software engineering, software qualification, and cyber security.

Investing in new technology, while driving down costs will require innovative thinking and technologies, and Alithya understands that with new technology comes both new opportunities and challenges.  Our focus on digital technology strategy and implementation puts us at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation.  We have built innovative products to capitalize on new opportunities and overcome challenges using technologies such as, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), analytics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the cloud while ensuring that complex data and cyber security needs are met.  

Alithya also has decades of experience collaborating with utilities, industry organizations, academia, other vendors, and the community to achieve common goals.  We look forward to uniting as part of “Team Canada” to position us as leaders in the SMR market.


Supply Chain Transition Strategy

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 37


Alithya has spent the past few years understanding SMR technologies and engaging with SMR developers to support their regulatory compliance and understand the industry and business drivers behind each of the technologies. Alithya intends to:

  • Collaborate with the SMR developers and utilities to educate our staff on the new technologies.
  • Focus training, tools, and investment on new digital technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR), Operational Technology-Information Technology (OT-IT) convergence, digital twins, and cyber security, with a focus on new nuclear deployments.
  • Focus hiring on young staff with knowledge of new nuclear technologies.


  • A workforce educated on new SMR designs and technologies.
  • Proven technologies for deployment at SMR sites to increase efficiency of engineering, operation, and maintenance activities.
The Nuclear Promise for SMRs

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 38, 40, 44


Alithya is a leader in strategy and digital transformation; advising, guiding, and assisting our clients in their pursuit of innovation and excellence and the achievement of their business objectives through the optimal use of digital technologies.  Alithya intends to:

  • Collaborate and innovate with SMR developers and utilities to implement and leverage digital technologies to minimize the operation and maintenance costs of SMR deployments.
  • Leverage our expertise in nuclear software systems and cyber security to guide SMR developers down the most efficient path to regulatory compliance.
  • Support the qualification of digital tools and assets used in the design and deployment of SMRs.
  • Work with utilities to develop digital strategies for new nuclear deployment.


  • Reduced cost to operate and maintain SMR sites.
  • Enablement of digital workers to improve workforce efficiency at SMR sites.
  • SMR designs are compliant with digital technology regulations the first time.
  • Digital tools for design, operation, and maintenance of SMRs are appropriately qualified for use.
Regulatory Efficiency and Nuclear Security

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 22, 23


Alithya’s rich history in nuclear software systems and cyber security, including the regulations surrounding these technologies positions us well to work with the regulator, SMR developers, and utilities to ensure compliance of new designs, but also adaptations to applicable regulatory standards.  Alithya intends to:

  • Support the regulator in an advisory capacity in adaptations made to software or cyber security-related regulations.


  • Adapted nuclear regulations reflect Operating Experience (OPEX) from industry and process experts.
  • Adaptations to regulations are safe and provide for efficiencies.
  • Best practices and OPEX from other safety-critical industries are considered during revision of regulatory standards.
Diversity in the Workforce

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 39


Alithya is a committed member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) Progressive Aboriginal Relations program, and a member of the 30% Club – a campaign group of businesses taking action to increase gender diversity on boards and senior management teams.  Alithya intends to:

  • Develop programs and policies that focus on leadership actions, employment, business development, and community relationships relating to progressive and positive Aboriginal relations.
  • Promote the hiring and mentorship of women in STEM through sponsorship, mentorship, and participation in industry and university programs.


  • Company-wide vision on Aboriginal relations is established, leading to a culture shift for progressive and positive Aboriginal relations. 
  • Foster women’s interest in the SMR industry and provide the skills and job opportunities for future workers.
  • A more diverse workforce contributing to the development of SMR technologies in Canada.