Deep Trekker Inc.

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Deep Trekker, established in 2010, manufactures fully submersible ROVs for observation, inspection, cleaning and light work. We are headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, known as the Silicon Valley of the North, a hub for technological engineering and advancements. We have employees globally with 17 dedicated engineers. All engineering and manufacturing is completed in house. We have sold thousands of our ROVs in over 90 countries. Deep Trekker makes even the toughest missions easier. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers. We empower our customers to customize their ROVs to carry out their missions more effectively. We manufacture the most durable, innovative, portable and affordable underwater ROVs and submersible robots to solve a host of environmental and industrial challenges.

All of our ROVs help reduce reliance on nuclear divers and underwater scaffolding, saving money and potentially lives too. While many of our competitors' systems have bulky control systems or require topside power in the form of a generator, our robots are all battery powered so they can be used in confined spaces with no ventilation. Battery powered ROVs are ideal in most parts of the plant, but for use in a reactor or spent fuel pool, Li-on batteries present a hazard. That's why we're bringing a topside power option to the market in 2021. Our ROVs are also quite durable in high radiation areas and can be easily decontaminated. They’re also designed with Foreign Material Exclusion in mind. Our Revolution and DT640 Magnetic Crawler can be fitted with a Caviblaster for surface cleaning of algae and other marine growth from things like trash racks. We also fitted the Revolution with a Zoom camera for close-up inspections in hard-to-reach areas. We also launched our DT640 Max which is a vacuum robot which can be used to remove silt and sand from intakes and structures like condensate storage tanks.

Deep Trekker has a broad nuclear customer base that encompasses producers, reactor manufacturers, and service companies and we’re committed to being a vital part of the nuclear industry in the future, therefore Deep Trekker strongly supports the SMR Action Plan and will work tirelessly with all SMR vendors, governments and other stakeholders in enabling the Canadian government and Canada-based companies to play a leading role in the deployment of SMRs to provide clean, sustainable power, and create a more prosperous economy for all Canadians.

Deep Trekker Commitment and Vision

Deep Trekker commits to the Statement of Principles for Canadian leadership in SMR deployment. Our vision is to move the nuclear industry towards a future where robotics mitigate risk historically placed on human lives. Canadian leadership in SMR adoption will bring innumerable engineering opportunities to Canadian companies including Deep Trekker in Canadian markets primarily, but as our technological expertise expands, overseas opportunities will arise. Deep Trekker has a huge network of dealers in large nuclear markets overseas so we’re well placed to serve these customers. The technology that we already market to the nuclear industry will surely have a place in SMR, but we don’t yet know how we’ll have to adapt that technology to suit SMR. We’re committed to working with engineers and technicians to discover their needs and finding solutions. Success to us means saving lives and livelihoods by minimizing diver use and providing real-time information about submerged assets and components to stakeholders. We joined the OCNI last year which has improved our communication with other industry stakeholders and more recently our nuclear specialist, Andrew Lawrence, was elected as a director on the OCNI’s board. We are currently supplying OPG, Bruce Power, and NB Power with a variety of robotic solutions. By demonstrating our capabilities within SMR we will gain first mover advantage as a leader in the worldwide deployment of ROVs in SMRs.