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Too often, stories about energy, technology and the environment are over-simplified. That is why we created ENERGYminute. We are truly a grassroots organization. We asked our friends and family for start-up money with a simple goal: make learning fun and accessible. Our purpose is to present stories and data in ways that connect with people, not divide them. We know that climate change is a global challenge. ENERGYminute seeks to enable everyone to understand the complexity behind how energy, environment, and technology are intertwined.

ENERGYminute is committed to the Statement of Principles and see’s a huge opportunity to support the governments efforts in create a local supply chain for domestic and international export. Unlike solar and wind where Canada is eons behind in our technology, through existing reactor technology, Canada has an opportunity to supply domestic markets and export our technology globally.

Why ENERGYminute is passionate about SMR’s:

ENERGYminute’s passion for SMR’s is grounded in our educational backgrounds, our belief that the world needs to shift to a lower carbon economy, and acknowledges the important of a fair and just transition for rural and Indigenous Canada.

  • The directors behind ENERGYminute come from physics or engineering background
  • For a just and fair transition for Canadas most vulnerable populations, rural and Indigenous Canada, energy is a requirement. In rural and remote communities there is a heavy reliance on diesel. Access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy will enable these community to survive and thrive
  • ENERGYminute’s founders and directors understand the complexity and “math,” to quote one of our favourite nuclear advocates Kirsty Gogan, behind the reduce our emissions and have consistently seen SMR’s as a key player in a low carbon economy

Where ENERGYminute’s see our role in the SMR ecosystem:

ENERGYminutes voice is built to engage and retain audiences by staying current, sprinkling in self deprecating humor, and explaining complex information in an accessible way. Our readership spans from coast to coast. We see our contribution in the public engagement & education space.

What does success look like? How are you working with others?

ENERGYminute has a strong history of collaboration and engaging with partners that have different perspectives. We have been invited to collaborate with the following, but not limited to, organizations.

ENERGYminute is seeking to write a newsletter piece on SMR advancement in Canada within the context of the SMR critical path timeline, engaging once a quarter with our audience. Similar to our engagement with the thought collective, we would also be happy to speak on SMR’s in Canada, their importance in a low carbon transition, and the economic benefits to the country.


Educational Content, Research for Talks, and Infographics

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 8


  1. Infographic Suite on Canadian Nuclear (minimum one)
    • History of Nuclear in Canada
    • SMR’s in Canada, data pending
    • Canadian Action Plan in a global context
    • Other
    • Examples of our existing infographics
  2. A Grade 9 (AB) and Grade 7 (BC) lesson plan will be created with the infographics as a launch point. TBD - Seeking a partnership with the Kings U decarbonizing simulator.
  3. Newsletter engagements on the roles of SMR’s today, the Canadian governments commitments, and other relevant content and press releases


  • Reach within a diverse engaged audience from coast to coast
  • High quality content that NRCan can access and point people towards