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Fluor is a global engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance (EPCM) company with 72 years’ experience executing energy and industrial projects in Canada. Our 44,000 employees, over 6 continents, makes Fluor diverse by nature. We leverage the global power of this diversity to build an inclusive culture with intention to build sustainable competitive advantage, deliver superior results for our clients, and build a better world. We are who we are because of our people.

Fluor strives to deliver innovative, predictable, and sustainable solutions to help build a better world. We are making a lasting impact with every project we deliver for our clients, every person we train and develop, every neighborhood we invest in, and every supplier with whom we partner. Present in over 60 countries, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to shape the future of the industries we serve: valuing people, supporting communities, and protecting the environment. Backed by these principles, Fluor is delighted with the opportunity, as part of the SMR Action Plan and through the endorsement of its Statement of Principles—to add value to and be a part of “Team Canada”. 

Fluor is currently supporting projects in eight provinces and territories; we maintain offices in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and New Brunswick serving a broad range of industries. Our international experience in the nuclear industry spans 75 years, including the design and construction support for more than 25 nuclear plants and more than 100 million hours of nuclear operations and maintenance work with numerous clients and a well-established and continuously expanding supply chain.

Fluor is proud to support Ontario Power Generation (OPG), providing procurement and construction support as part of its refurbishment of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station that will contribute to the provision of an additional 30 years of low-cost, clean power to Ontario. We are equally proud to be part of the Canadian National Energy Alliance managing and operating Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. The extension of this contract in April 2020 for an additional 4 years will allow Fluor the opportunity to continue to support Atomic Energy of Canada (AECL) in addressing AECL’s radioactive waste and decommissioning responsibilities, delivering nuclear science and technology that supports the Government of Canada and industry, as well as revitalizing the Chalk River Laboratories. 

Fluor’s contribution to development of SMRs has been as the execution partner for NuScale Power. Combining NuScale Power’s smarter, cleaner, safer, and economical SMR technology with Fluor's world-class EPCM expertise, brings an advanced, constructor-informed, low-risk, competitive option for new-build SMR facilities. 

Through this partnership, we maintain strong momentum toward commercialization of the NuScale SMR technology through optimization of standard plant design, supply chain identification and development, overall project design, fabrication and construction execution planning, and start-up and commissioning plans.

Aligned with the SMR Action Plan’s principles, our vision for the development of a robust pan-Canadian deployment of SMRs is founded on:

  1. Creation and development of a specialized technical job market in an emerging nuclear industry focused on strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure opportunities represent the diversity of Canada’s population while supporting reconciliation, partnerships, and benefit sharing with Indigenous peoples
  2. Partnership with Canada’s extensive supply chain to serve both domestic and global customers. The creation of a novel differentiating technology will require unique technical and manufacturing skills to be developed and adopted creating a highly specialized supply chain in Canada. 
  3. Integration of SMRs as part of the overall transition to a low-carbon future; Fluor’s technical expertise in nuclear, carbon capture, hydrogen, wind, solar, hydrotreated renewable diesel etc. will bring a broader awareness and integration to the energy sector as a whole. Fluor will help inform how SMRs should harmonize with renewables and other low carbon energy sources to provide the maximum reduction in carbon emissions at the lowest cost.
  4. Participation in Canadian nuclear industry organizations to contribute our knowledge to the collective whole to further advance Canada as a leader in SMR technology and to commit to communicating the Canadian advantage beyond the nation’s borders.

Fluor is committed to the development and deployment of SMRs in Canada and internationally and fully supports the SMR Action Plan.


Diversity Equity and Inclusion in the SMR industry

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 20, 37, 41, 47


In 2021, Fluor launched a new business strategy with a Strategic Priority of Building a Better Futurewith four strategic pillars. One of the four pillars is directly related to sustaining workforce diversity:

Foster a High-Performance Culture with Purpose

By advancing our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) efforts and promoting social progress and sustainability. A strong and inclusive culture leads to strong collective and individual performance.

Specifically, Fluor’s DE&I strategy has four main areas of focus:

  • Champion an Inclusive Culture
  • Recruit Develop and Retain Talent
  • Enhance Employee Experience
  • Improve Business Performance

To this end, Fluor Canada is committed to building Progressive Partnerships with Indigenous Communities and Businesses. outlined by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business Roadmap, which will guide our Indigenous Relations metrics and narrative and the overall DE&I strategy in Canada. In March 2021, Fluor Canada received PAR Phase 2 certification and is currently moving through the work outlined in Phase 3.


Fluor leverages partnerships with external organizations to add best practices and to assist in the identification of engagement opportunities. These partnerships are continuously growing and presently include:

  • Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
  • Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association 
  • First Nation’s Power Authority
  • Spirit Omega Staffing – Calgary-based Indigenous labour solutions
  • Pride at Work Canada – empowers employers to build workplaces that celebrate all employees regardless of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation
  • Catalyst – promoting education on increasing representation of women, particularly Indigenous women, and women from racially and ethnically marginalized groups, in corporate leadership and promoting equal access to career opportunities.


Establishment of a DE&I strategy that sets a standard that Fluor is anticipating working collaboratively with all stakeholders to further evolve and proliferate; the end goal being the principles as reflected in this strategy become reality and provide the broad based opportunity intended.


Canadian Supply Chain Development

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 53


Support the development of the skills required to support a Canadian SMR Supply Chain

Through our partnership with NuScale, Fluor has completed an assessment of the NuScale design relative to the capabilities of our supplier base and estimates that presently greater than 80 percent of the NuScale requirements can be supplied inside Canada. An example is the work that has been done between NuScale, Fluor, and BWXT Canada for the supply of material on current NuScale projects.

Fluor is committed to working with this supplier base to identify the specific training, sub suppliers, licensing, and certifications required to establish a Canadian supplier base.


Fluor Canada’s well-developed supply chain, with an annual spend of over $2 billion, is ideally positioned to understand the capabilities of Canadian suppliers. Combined with Action Plan partners such as OCNI, this will allow for the identification of suppliers based on core competency that are ideally positioned to transition to support SMRs.


Integrated Execution Strategy – Cost reduction

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 38, 41, 47


Develop an integrated modularized templated design considering key stakeholders – operators, vendors, and communities to leverage the benefits of “fleet economics”.


A highly integrated modularized approach to design has been shown to have significant effects on capital reduction and schedule certainty. A design one, build many strategy with a focus on modularization, standardization, and consistency in execution will realize the phase-over-phase savings that can be achieved through “fleet economics”. Critical to this strategy is consistency in technology vendor, key suppliers, operators, and execution teams.