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About Henderson Robb Marketing

  • HRM is based in Toronto, Canada and works primarily in the Insurance, Finance and Information Technology verticals.
  • We provide a Communications skillset of Research, Marketing, Branding, Website Design, Content Marketing and Social Media.
  • We believe Canada will be a leader in Small Modular Rectors and we are well qualified with our industry experience to support and endorse this messaging.  


  • Canada has an opportunity to build on a rich history in Nuclear Development dating back to 1968 when the first CANDU Reactor entered into service. 
  • Small Modular Reactors provide renewable energy and provide backup power for other renewable technologies which will be a key to a low carbon future in both Canada and Worldwide.
  • Small Modular Reactors will provide jobs in manufacturing and operations with both on grid and off-grid applications.  
  • Small Modular Reactors can with their transportable design provide power generation and create jobs in remote communities.
  • As a company, we have been committed to providing Communications, Branding and Digital Services to the Nuclear Insurance industry for over 10 years.
  • Nuclear has a negative connotation in many countries. The myth that nuclear is bad is an easy narrative based on Fukushima 2011 and Chernobyl. Fearful reporting contributed to misinformation and made the anti- nuclear imagery stronger. Please see Fukushima coverage shows nuclear's image problem persists.
  • Henderson Robb Marketing is proud to contribute to Canada’s SMR Action Plan by providing strategy development and communications to foster positive brand awareness for Small Modular Reactors, which will build public confidence and reinforce the benefits of Canada’s clean energy future. We embrace Canada’s SMR Action Plan Statements and Principles.

Examples of Nuclear Insurance Communications


Promote and Educate the Public on Small Modular Reactors

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 50, 53


  • Reach out to Action Plan Partners and make them aware of our capabilities to communicate benefits, raise brand awareness, promote and educate.
  • Educate the public through communications with Action Plan Partners relating to development and commercialization of SMRs and their benefits.


  • Increase brand awareness, perception, education and economic viability of SMRs within Canada, the US, and Internationally.