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Lions Global (Indigenous and Woman owned status company), a specialized consulting firm working with governments, utilities, project proponents and technology companies within the clean energy generation sector. Lions Global is one of the few professionals firms that have clean energy siting studies experience for small modular reactors and credits over seven siting studies, two of which have continued on to the technology matching stage.

Lions Global works on international projects with nuclear technology companies on how to identify suitable sites, senior government officials on how to assess their needs and large project proponents interested in clean energy generation solutions. Activities resulting in educating site key stakeholders on SMR technologies and their benefits.

We care deeply for the environment and we are committed to its preservation for future generations. As such, we are dedicated to the promotion and implementation of clean energy technologies and energy poverty alleviation around the world. We believe that clean base load energy technologies such as small modular fission and future fusion reactors can provide solutions in view of these objectives.

We are uniquely qualified to offer services that will assist clean base load energy companies bring their technologies to market. Technology agnostic, our services focus on the identification and evaluation of possible sites, business requirements and technology characteristics that result in best-suited solutions for specifically determined objectives.

Our Consultants are industry experts and graduates of tier one universities such as McGill, Harvard, MIT and Oxford. They possess extensive experience in managing successful businesses, teams and implementation of solutions in view of the most complex challenges and turning them into opportunities and positive achievements. Our consultants are very knowledgeable regarding multi-faceted (technical, political, economical, social, environmental, etc.) aspects that need to be considered when reviewing siting options.

Our Founders originated from northern regions of Canada and our Canadian business unit is certified by the Canadian Federal Government as an Indigenous status company.


SMR Siting Studies and Commercial Deployment

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 25, 39, 41, 42, 45, 46, 47, 51


Clean Energy Technology Companies

  • We provide site identification optimization services for energy and innovative technology companies. We conduct full and comprehensive assessments of where SMR technologies will have the highest level possible of success and beneficial impact
  • We initially review a broad spectrum of over 150 interdependent variables in view of identifying possible current and future challenges associated with siting our client’s technologies. Our involvement continues with sourcing possible solutions in view of mitigating these challenges. Our objective is to optimize site (s) selection for both short term and long term business objectives. Numerous factors are considered to optimize the selection of possible technologies
  • We worked with clean energy technology companies to assist with their strategy development for siting which includes the possibility of project proponents, such as utilities, mining companies and governments, extending further considerations towards these technologies and sites yet considered

Project Proponents

  • Our recent global energy study has identified global trends and need for energy that translates into opportunities to site future clean energy generation assets where project proponents and governments have yet considered these technologies. This study could possibly identify sites/ investor interest for your technology
  • Lions Global has initiated contact with potential project proponents to further evaluate interest in reviewing these sites
  • We are currently working with project proponents on their energy requirements and possible site determinations. Lions Global has also conducted technology matches to sites and introduced technology companies to project proponents for further evaluatio
  • In addition to siting studies for both clean energy technology companies and project proponents, our path has resulted in significant increase of knowledge in global regulatory matters and an extensive network of top decision makers necessary to support government affairs and stakeholders relations for our clients


  • Continue to work with technology companies in identifying market options
  • Continue to provide siting studies to project proponents in regards to benefits of SMR technologies & reviews
  • Prior to any selection of any SMR technologies, an actual and factual, data based market evaluation for said technologies need to be conducted to further evaluate the benefits to the Canadian Supply Chain. Current general market assessment platitudes have no real benefits and value. True siting studies would go a long way to assess the possible marketability and should be part of any selection process or investment grants
  • Brief note on supply chain: We would like to encourage additional diversity inclusion within the Supply Chain to include Indigenous status companies and not confuse Supply Chain with Engagement