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The Earth’s climate is warming and climate change reform has become the nation’s core unifying issue. Canada has always taken a leadership role in developing new, clean energy by pioneering hydro and atomic power. The Mad Science Group believes deeply in preserving the earth for future generations and understands how Canadian science and ingenuity can continue to play the leading role. SMR’s represent opportunities to bring accessible, reliable and affordable energy to remote regions and elevate communities and their inhabitants in unimaginable ways. We advocate, support and encourage Canada’s leadership in clean energy technologies and welcome its transformative effect on humanity and our planet. With pride, we are committed to supporting these initiatives and helping to educate Canadian youth and their families, from coast to coast, to appreciate the potential, opportunity and remarkable science offered by SMR’s.


For over 35 years, Mad Science, a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) pioneer, has transformed a passion for science into an international phenomenon. We are a Canadian science enrichment provider that delivers local, in-person (now online) science programming to children across the world via our franchise system. Our network spans 23 countries and over 160 locations that offer a range of programming formats including after-school programs and classroom workshops to special events and birthday parties. We have sparked the imagination and curiosity of millions by inspiring children and encouraging a lifetime of creative learning. We recognize the unlimited potential of youth and believe that positive, engaging STEM experiences will transform into a lifelong appreciation for science.

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Develop clean energy STEM content for youth programming

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 48, 49, 50


  • To develop age-appropriate, clean energy STEM content that will demystify the importance of Atomic power and how it integrates into a safe, balanced, hydrocarbon reduction strategy.
  • To destigmatize nuclear energy and explore the safety and environmental benefits that will help Canada achieve important and necessary climate change goals.
  • To showcase how scientists and engineers use their ingenuity and skills to develop solutions that improve our society and way of life.


Through imaginative workshops, Canadian youth will have a clearer understanding of and appreciation for clean energy, what it is all about and the important role Nuclear power plays within our society. We will explore the science, the scientists/engineers, and how nuclear science improves the health, safety, and well-being of Canadians and our environment.