North American Helium Inc.

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North American Helium Inc. (NAH) was founded in 2013 and has drilled over 20 wells to discover substantial reserves of helium in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. Helium exploration is the foundation of our strategy and we use specialized expertise across multiple disciplines to discover and develop these helium reserves. We have a highly experienced leadership team but also have more than 100 people working for us at any one time. NAH brought on its first helium production in 2020 and will bring on significantly more production in 2021. When this additional production comes on, NAH will operate the largest helium purification facility in Canada.

Outside of North America, helium is produced in less politically secure regions (Middle East and Russia) exposing the high technology sector and key industries such as small modular reactors to political risk. In addition, 95% of the world’s helium supply comes as the byproduct of major oil and gas projects. NAH has a goal to secure the future of science and enable high-technology growth by ensuring there is a reliable, long-term supply of sustainable helium. NAH is producing helium from new fields entirely decoupled from oil and gas production ensuring a stable supply of “green” helium.

NAH endorses the Statement of Principles and commends NRCan’s leadership in developing Canada’s SMR Action Plan. As small modular reactors are designed to optimize high reliability, cleaner energy, helium has the potential to meet the economic and environmental requirements in this design. NAH’s commitment to the Statement of Principles will be supplying Canada with a domestic, reliable source of high-grade helium to support the advancement of the small modular reactor design.


Domestic Helium Supply

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 47


  • Provide specialized helium expertise to SMR engineering and manufacturing companies
  • Supply green, high-grade helium to SMR manufacturing companies
  • Continue with the corporate plan to develop and commercialize helium sources in Canada


  • Canada will have a domestic, stable supply of green, high-grade helium
  • SMR vendors will have access to multiple disciplines of helium expertise
  • Canadian reserves of helium will be commercialized