Ontario Mining Association

Endorsement date


The Ontario Mining Association (OMA) works to support and improve the competitiveness of the mining sector in the province, while representing companies engaged in the environmentally responsible exploration, production and processing of minerals. Our members strive for a balance between serving local communities and the economic needs of the province by remaining competitive in global markets, and protecting the natural environment to ensure a sustainable future. The OMA has a long history of working in concert with the government and other partners to achieve these vital and often challenging goals.

Ontario’s mining industry is committed to being a constructive partner in addressing climate change and supporting society’s transition to a lower carbon future. This includes support for the development and adoption of technologies aimed at lowering GHG emissions, improving environmental performance and energy efficiency. OMA’s Energy, Innovation and Clean Technology Committee (Energy Committee) is focused on the potential of new technologies, funding models and policies to address evolving mining innovation trends and meet our collective climate action objectives. Small Modular Reactors (SMR) are considered a safe and carbon-free alternative to diesel power, and OMA is evaluating their potential to reduce emissions at off-grid mine sites in remote locations, where fuel switching options are limited. At the same time, we wish to meaningfully engage with other stakeholders, particularly Indigenous communities and self-governments, to better understand the risks and benefits, and build trust while aligning interests to enable the advancement of SMRs and other technologies that deliver positive environmental and economic outcomes for all.

To support Canada’s SMR Action Plan, the OMA will continue to:

  • Engage with Natural Resources Canada to discuss the use of SMRs as a future power generation alternative;
  • Build dialogue and develop partnerships with Indigenous communities to enable regional dividends (especially in remote northern locations, where many of Ontario's mines are located) if SMR technology is implemented;
  • Research funding models that will make the deployment of SMRs economically feasible; and,
  • Participate in government-led consultations and support outreach aimed at better positioning Canadians for success on the SMR Action Plan and other climate action efforts.