PCL Industrial Constructors Inc.

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PCL is committed to the development and deployment of SMRs and believes in nuclear energy as a proven and reliable power source now and in the future. For over 40 years, PCL has been an industry leader in pipe fabrication and modular assembly, and our facilities have a proud history of industry-leading production and a world-class safety record that we look forward to bringing to SMR construction.

With the certifications and the know-how to safely deliver on projects of any size or complexity, our experienced construction teams and modern fabrication facilities provide reliable, turnkey solutions for the deployment of SMRs in Canada. Our fabrication and module facilities maximize manufacturing potential and reduce on-site hours with our talented teams, efficient systems and commitment to lean construction principles. PCL also has a long history of successful projects in remote and northern communities in Canada, from winter builds in the Canadian oil sands to power projects across the Canadian Prairies to mine work in the Northwest Territories.

Our 145,000 square-foot fabrication facility and 72-acre modular assembly yard provide all the capacity needed to handle any job, no matter the size, shape or complexity. We operate with a focus on semi-automation and lean construction and utilize unique material resource planning processes for unrivalled efficiency and planning. Our module programs consider both off-site and on-site challenges to ensure that the optimal path of construction is maintained minimizing impact on the project. Our facilities are centrally located in the heart of Canada (Edmonton, Alberta) for prime access to northern locations, remote communities and industrial sites and manufacturers.

Our knowledgeable teams are committed to provide constructability expertise that will be incorporated into designs to enable optimal manufacturability and streamlined construction projects. PCL is dedicated to becoming a trusted manufacturing and construction partner that will be part of the deployment of SMRs as a clean-energy solution.


Optimize and Execute SMR Manufacturing and Construction Programs

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 1, 2, 5, 6, 7


  • Engage technology providers and refine SMR designs with constructability input.
  • Execute the module manufacturing program.
  • Execute the site construction program.


  • The nuclear sector in Canada has traditionally not utilized modular construction methods. Constructability input from PCL ensures that the design is ideal to maximize off-site modularization methods and streamline on-site construction programs. PCL also ensures that the design includes key considerations for deployment in northern climate applications. Furthermore, PCL works with technology providers and design firms to satisfy requirements from the CNSC from a manufacturing and construction perspective.
  • PCL maximizes commodity densities in manufactured modules to minimize field installation hours. We find opportunities to incorporate all the construction disciplines as part of the modular program (structural, piping, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, controls, insulation, HVAC, architectural and pre-commissioning) and utilize lean construction methods during the module manufacturing program. Modules are deployed to SMR project sites in a timely manner that supports the field construction program.
  • PCL’s extensive experience in construction of heavily modularized, industrial projects in Canada will be a significant asset. With full control of the modular supply chain, PCL ensures that modules are delivered in a timely manner that supports field construction activities. Our sophisticated systems and advanced work-packing processes will be set up to guide the SMR construction program to completion. Our field construction team can also support commissioning activities and work with jurisdictional regulatory authorities.
  • PCL’s labour relations team attracts and manages top-talent trade professionals to support the field construction of SMRs. We source talented professionals from all backgrounds according to our diversity and inclusion policy.