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Canada has an opportunity to build on its existing nuclear expertise to contribute meaningfully to a clean energy future that elevates the quality of life for people in Canada and worldwide, while strengthening global environmental sustainability.

Small modular reactors, alone or working with other advanced nuclear and renewable technologies, have tremendous potential to contribute to low-carbon energy systems that will contribute to those goals.

As personal computers opened a world of knowledge to all people, beyond the walls of large corporations, SMRs can offer energy autonomy, even in the most remote communities, through their simple operation, transportable design, multi-purpose design and passive safety systems.

Equally, their ability to support variable energy sources such as renewables, through efficient demand-following, makes them an ideal enabler to a large low-carbon grid. This in turn can serve as a foundation for clean infrastructure electrification.

As a company committed to helping advance the use of innovative solutions for sustainable clean energy and other infrastructure systems, Querencia Partners is proud to contribute to Canada’s SMR Action Plan through policy development, engagement, and communications that, together, foster public confidence and open opportunities for knowledge sharing toward clean energy solutions. We embrace Canada’s SMR Action Plan Statement of Principles.

About Querencia Partners

Querencia Partners Canada Ltd. (QP) works with government and non-governmental organizations, as well as public and private sector companies across technologies to realize a common vision of global sustainable infrastructure. Our vision is to create a better world through policy and communications built on scientific merit and authentic engagement, participation and earned social acceptance.

The word Querencia is a metaphor for a place where we find our inner strength to solve the most complex challenges and achieve our greatest successes.

QP’s team brings diverse experience and expertise in communications, community engagement, facilitation and teaching, as well as civil engineering and energy systems.

Together with our clients and partners, we are working to encourage policy that gives all people access to clean, abundant electricity and sustainable infrastructure, contributing to quality of life, strong economies, and planet sustainability.

We believe Canada can contribute meaningfully to the world’s clean energy goals and that SMRs can play a vital role. We believe QP can contribute to this effort.


Facilitating shared achievement through communications

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 35, 40


Facilitate and create communication systems and content to support collaboration through industry organizations. Working with utilities, vendors, supply chain and academia, facilitate common approaches to capacity building, knowledge management, regulation, safety and common interests in research and innovation.


A stronger, more cohesive and effective nuclear sector in Canada that collectively can meet Canada’s nuclear science and technology goals, including for SMR development and deployment, and is well-positioned to export this expertise as a respected partner of choice, globally.

Engaging Canadians to take part in a sustainable future

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 39, 41, 48, 53


Work with governments, utilities, SMR vendors, nuclear support organizations, and universities to communicate the advancements, benefits and attributes of SMRs and build bridges for collaboration.

Engage with Canadians in early, open and transparent communications so they can provide input to strengthen SMR user benefits as part of the development process.

Develop clear, transparent and engaging content that illustrates the value and uses of SMRs within energy systems to improve quality of life and global sustainability.

Highlight Canada’s leadership in energy (and nuclear medicine) research and innovation through stories that engage Canadians in the successes of Canada’s academic and scientific community, thereby contributing to a culture of STEAM toward capacity building.

Raise up the stories of successful women, Indigenous and people of colour (POC) in SMR and clean energy development to encourage students and early career adults to pursue nuclear and STEAM* education and careers, and to see themselves in the ranks of future innovators, scientists and engineers.

Develop and provide access to innovative digital resources for people from diverse backgrounds to engage with nuclear science and technology in a positive way as an access point for learning and development.

Normalize nuclear energy as part of a clean and effective energy mix, including public understanding of the full life cycle of nuclear technologies, including decommissioning and waste management in Canada, through realistic and thoughtful dialogue, channels and content.

*STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics


Greater SMR literacy, strengthened awareness, understanding and engagement in development and deployment of SMRs as part of a clean, energy system.

New channels for communities and communities-of-interest to engage both physically and through digital platforms in helping to: Shape Canada’s SMR Roadmap; achieve Canada’s sustainability goals; and increase participation in nuclear and related STEAM fields.

Development of tools for Indigenous and other peoples in isolated communities to connect into conversations and decision-making to empower them in choosing their own clean energy future.

Stronger collaboration amongst Canada’s partners in organizations like UNENE, CANDU Owners Group, NII, CCNS, other organizations and government agencies focussed on achieving Canada’s SMR Roadmap vision.

Increased national and international public confidence and investment in Canada’s clean energy sector, nuclear industry and nuclear academic network to achieve:

  • Further development of a highly-educated and skilled STEAM and trades workforce in a growing high-value sector;
  • A successful transition to sustainable clean energy systems as a foundation for infrastructure electrification;
  • Canada’s prosperity in the new economy; and realization of clean energy self-sufficiency for communities across Canada;
  • A workforce reflective of equity, diversity and inclusion principles, including the principles of EqualBy30; and
  • Continued development of inclusion of ESG principles within the Canadian nuclear sector.
Building international collaborative relationships

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 34


Work with our clients to build cross-border bridges for information sharing, knowledge management and public education amongst like-minded organizations in NICE Future and other countries looking to use nuclear as part of their energy systems.

Help strengthen pathways amongst governmental and non-governmental organizations, internationally, seeking to strengthen the regulatory.


Through initiatives to facilitate collaboration with international partners in several facets of nuclear innovation, capacity building, knowledge sharing, as well as development and deployment, strengthen mutually-beneficial relationships that can lead to greater use of nuclear technologies, including SMRs, globally and can create greater opportunity for Canadians and Canada’s international partners, in world markets.