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  • Endorsement date: December 18, 2020
  • Organization: Saint John Citizens Coalition For Clean Air


The Saint John Citizens Coalition For Clean Air is an environmental public interest group in Saint John NB. The Saint John Citizens Coalition For Clean Air is prepared to participate in Canada’ Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Action Plan by supporting the Statement of Principles and providing our vision for (SMRs), as well as identifying associated future actions we plan to participate in. Our environmental non-governmental organization (ENGO) fully supports the introductory paragraph in the Statement of Principles that states ‘Small modular reactors (SMR's) could be a source of clean, safe and affordable energy, opening opportunities for a resilient, low carbon future and capturing benefits for Canada and Canadians while supporting reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples as essential enabling partners”.

The Citizens Coalition For Clean Air recognizes that SMRs have the potential to help combat climate change by accelerating energy production for clean electrical power, while other parts of the world have to depend on fossil fuels (including coal) to meet their growing needs for electricity. Further we recognize the development of SMRs can help Canada deliver on our climate change and clean energy commitments. We also see the potential for SMRs to serve to back up renewables such as wind and solar when wind is not blowing and sun not shining.

In respect to the Statement of Principles, we fully support the third principle that states “Seek out opportunities to intergrade SMR’s with other clean energy sources, storage technologies, and applications to accelerate Canada’s low carbon future”. Additionally we see the fourth principle as most relevant in our province, New Brunswick, where there is a 650 MW nuclear power Generating Station in our regional area. That principle states, “Pursue opportunities to minimize nuclear waste and potentially reuse nuclear fuel, completing Canada’s existing practices for safe long term management of radioactive waste”. This principle is most timely as Canada moves forward both in nuclear waste management policy review and actual storage actions in the years ahead under NWMO legislative mandate.


Participate in public regulatory reviews for SMRs

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 53


The Saint John Citizens Coalition For Clean Air sees its role within the context of participating in public regulatory reviews, as it has done in the past. Our ENGO has been an intervener in several nuclear related regulatory processes through the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

We are open to engaging with the key players in the development of SMRs and learning from possible future licensees and vendors. We have confidence in the CNSC to ensure safety and security factors will be the number one priority in any approval process.


The regulatory review process for SMRs will be informed by the experience and perspective of a wide variety of stakeholders, including NGOs.