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A Canadian-based international consulting firm operating in 350 offices on six continents, Stantec has the capacity to support SMR initiatives throughout Canada and around the world. As a member of Canada’s SMR action team, Stantec offers support to key recommendations, with relevant expertise in particular relating to sustainability best practices, waste management, regulatory readiness, and international, environmental, and Indigenous engagement.

Stantec’s integrated consulting services, including Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM), are available anywhere in the world to the SMR industry. We are routinely engaged by clients to provide Engineering, Environmental Impact Assessments, Procurement, Construction Management, Commissioning, Start-up, Turnover, and As Building and Record services for a wide variety of small, medium, and large projects. Our goal is to provide well-designed projects that are built to last, while minimizing construction costs, property impacts, and utility relocations. To achieve this, we design our projects to have positive benefit-to-cost ratios that consider future maintenance needs up front.


Waste Management Best Practices

Through its highly skilled project teams and robust business line operations, Stantec is able to assist clients by offering services in relation to sustainable environmental, social, and governance practices (ESG), helping to reduce our collective carbon footprint and meet global demand for waste reduction and safe, clean, renewable energy.

When it comes to sustainability rankings on an international basis, we are ranked as the #5 most sustainable corporation in the world in the 2021 Corporate Knights Global 100; and we are also ranked as the #1 as most sustainable corporation in North America. Check out the GlobeNewswire release and links to other articles. Other recognition includes Green Building Excellence, Zero Carbon Building Award (2018) from the Canada Green Building Council, Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, Envision Silver Award (2018), and Green Roofs for Healthy Cities - Extensive Institutional Award (2016).

Demonstrating its commitment to industry-leading sustainable practices worldwide, Stantec has pledged to carbon neutrality by 2022 as a first step in achieving net-zero operations by 2030 across its entire global footprint. In doing so, Stantec continues to align itself to the most ambitious aim of the Paris Agreement―to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Specifically, Stantec has committed to set science-based emissions reduction targets, for all three scopes, in line with 1.5°C emissions scenarios. Furthermore, Stantec has committed to a long-term target to reach net-zero emissions by no later than 2030 in line with the criteria and recommendations of the Science Based Targets initiative. That transition is anticipated to rely on a combination of traditional and innovative pathways that connect directly to Stantec’s client work and technical expertise.

Stantec can help clients introduce and manage sustainability initiatives and introduce technological advancements while monitoring progress towards environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, helping achieve positive social results and improve efficiencies and cost savings through effective decision-making, risk management, transparency, and innovation.


Stantec Canada Environmental Services, through its Assessment and Permitting team, has three decades of experience in leading major project environmental assessments across the country. Project types include natural resources (oilsands, LNG, pipelines, mining), power transmission and generation (hydroelectric dams, gas peaking, wind, solar), and public infrastructure (roads, flood mitigation). These projects have been subject to federal, provincial, territorial, or joint review, some including Panel or Board hearings. This service, of preparing, filing, and defending project environmental assessments is supported by a diverse suite of science-based teams (natural, physical, social), complemented by further specialized services such as hearing preparation and witness involvement, regulatory pathway design, Indigenous engagement and assessment of effects on rights, and ecological and human health risk assessments. Many of these projects have been highly significant nationally, if not also internationally.


We engage with our stakeholders to embrace diversity and inclusion. We continuously look for ways to build connections with our Indigenous peoples. Meaningful engagement with Indigenous peoples and businesses and providing not just words, but actionable commitments to the prosperity of Indigenous communities are essential to our business objectives and our promise to design with community in mind. Our approach – in assembling project teams, recruiting Indigenous candidates, supporting career growth, and working in partnership alongside communities and businesses – considers the histories, cultures, and values of Indigenous peoples.

Stantec has a history of successfully partnering with Indigenous communities across Canada through formal business partnerships and focused Indigenous employment efforts. In geographies with potential for long-term sustainable business opportunity, we have formed companies in partnership with local Indigenous communities and business owners. We have maintained a presence in these areas and have worked collaboratively with our partners to identify business opportunities, deliver high quality work, provide training and employment for local people, and contribute to community initiatives. Where we do not have established business partnerships, we work directly with local Indigenous communities and local businesses to source project resources.


Stantec is one of the top 10 professional consulting firms in the world. With 22,000 staff located throughout our global network, licensed in their respective jurisdictions, we partner on infrastructure projects in most geographic regions and in a vast range of sector and subsector markets in Buildings, Energy and Resources, Environmental Sciences, Power, and Water, and also Community Development, Geotechnical Engineering, Project Management, and Transportation.

The Canadian network of the United Nations Global Compact recognizes our Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) leadership for our clients through projects in the developed and developing world related, for example, to

  • Buildings: Stantec has worked with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) for over 20 years, providing multidisciplinary services on design/construction projects at Chalk River Laboratories, Nuclear Power Demonstration Waste Facility, Douglas Point Waste Facility, Whiteshell Laboratories, and the G-1 Waste Facility in Gentilly. We have supported CNL on a variety of projects including new builds, decommissioning, and facility upgrades, as well as provided transportation, water, and civil project services.
  • Energy and Resources: renewable energy analysis and financing; introduction of least impactful approaches that reduce resource and energy use, waste, and emissions of carbon and toxins.
  • Environmental Services: environmental impact assessments and audits; restoration of habitat to protect ecosystems; actions for carbon reductions; development of climate change policy;
  • Power: designs for renewable energy generation, distribution, and storage.
  • Water: protection and conservation of water resources; maximized water and delivery of water reuse and recycling solutions.
  • Additional services in Community Development, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation, and Project Managements.

Stantec’s Commitment

Stantec brings world-class subject matter expertise and lends its strong international presence to drive innovation and sustainability initiatives in support of Canada’s Statement of Principles, the four thematic pillars, and the 53 resulting recommendations contained within the SMR Roadmap laying out the pathway to clean, sustainable energy for Canadians and for the world.