Thomas Thor Associates

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Thomas Thor is a consulting organization that provides human capital services to the global nuclear industry. Our purpose is to support a clean energy future and our mission is to build and sustain the global nuclear workforce. We operate globally, but with local knowledge, including an office in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our organization is dedicated entirely to serving the nuclear sector (regulators, operators, engineering companies, equipment manufacturers and research organizations) and we provide a range of human capital services – permanent staffing, contingent staffing, executive search and HR consultancy.

We have been supported the nuclear industry - civil, medical isotopes, research, defence - since 2010. In our view, SMRs and advanced reactors are the future of the civil nuclear industry, allowing clean and affordable access to electricity. As well as giving the chance to the most remote locations worldwide to access nuclear power. More specifically related to our support to SMRs and advanced reactors, we have been supporting several SMR and advanced reactor organisations over recent years as they start to build their workforces.

As a global leader in the ‘’people’’ aspects of the nuclear industry, we see our role within the Canadian programme as supporting the development of the future workforces that we be required for the programme to succeed. We regularly contribute time and expertise without charge to areas of the industry where we see the opportunity to make a difference. For example, we support the IAEA in many different initiatives around building and maintaining the workforces in member states. We also support Women in Nuclear globally. We truly understand how to attract skilled people to the nuclear industry and how to support people through relocation to new (often remote) areas and to support workers and their families to settle. We also have experience in engaging with the local workforce to create career opportunities locally.

In Saskatchewan, we could be supporting initiatives in order to achieve the following Principles:

  • Unite as “Team Canada” to engage international partners to seize export opportunities, influence international standards and secure investments in Canada’s future;
  • Strengthen diversity and representation in the nuclear industry through greater inclusion of women, minority communities and youth, and exploring meaningful and long-term economic partnership opportunities with Indigenous, rural, remote and northern communities;
  • Leverage Canada’s extensive capabilities in academia, research, engineering and manufacturing in the deployment and export of SMRs;


HR and Labour Market Experience Sharing

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 39


  • Advertise roles via our local and international networks e.g. Director of SMRs position
  • Support and guide the different vendors to improve their Equity, Diversity & Inclusion practices with dedicated webinars and coaching sessions
  • Create a realistic map of the existing nuclear labour market and other relevant industries to show where SMR and advanced reactor organisations can find the skilled people required to turn their visions into reality.


  • Allow the government to reach out to the relevant passive and active candidates
  • Build Saskatchewan workforce and future community
  • Socially and economically stimulate the existing community, while attracting and retaining a diverse workforce
  • Increase the knowledge of vendors, government, and existing community about the labour market
  • Better match expectations in terms of skillset and salary range to attract relevant talents
International Promotion and Deployment of Saskatchewan Technology

Responds to SMR Roadmap recommendation(s): 38, 47


  • Attract, mobilize, localize and retain an international workforce for the project
  • Support bidding processes to sell the technology outside of the Saskatchewan province


  • Build Saskatchewan workforce and future community
  • Socially and economically stimulate the existing community, while attracting and retaining a diverse workforce
  • Introduction to relevant private and public stakeholders, possibility to participate in RFQs with Thomas Thor representing complementary or missing expertise