Statement of Principles

Small modular reactors (SMRs) could be a source of clean, safe and affordable energy, opening opportunities for a resilient, low-carbon future and capturing benefits for Canada and Canadians while supporting reconciliation with Indigenous peoples as essential enabling partners.

Markets around the globe are signalling a need for smaller, simpler, and cheaper nuclear energy. At the same time, international experts are telling us that new nuclear energy, together with the full range of low-carbon technologies, are needed to combat global climate change and meet federal, provincial and territorial emissions targets for 2030 and 2050.

That’s why we’re working together to enable nuclear energy – especially SMRs – to play a key role in Canada and the world’s low-carbon future. Canada’s SMR Roadmap gave us a path for success, with over 50 recommendations to all essential enabling partners.

We are coming together to make Canada a world leader and desired partner in this area of high-tech innovation. For Canada, this could mean anchoring jobs, intellectual property and supply chains here, in a global market estimated to be valued at over $150B by 2040. In addition to helping to deliver on our climate change and clean energy commitments, it could also strengthen Canada’s position as a policy leader and early mover in SMR deployment to become an international standard-setter for strategic influence and geopolitical security. Finally, it could open opportunities for regional development, and enable a constructive dialogue with Indigenous and northern communities on addressing key energy challenges.

The Roadmap demonstrated Canada, with its 75-year nuclear energy heritage, has the depth of nuclear expertise and established infrastructure to be a world leader. This is evident in its industry, academic institutions, research laboratories, governments and progressive regulatory environment. Since the Roadmap’s release, the Canadian nuclear community has mobilized with common purpose, and all eyes are turning to Canada.

We are committed to seizing this opportunity for Canada. This is our plan to make it happen.

Committed to action and seizing this Canadian leadership opportunity, we intend to:

  1. Act together and within our jurisdictions and areas of authority to support the development and deployment of various SMR technologies in Canada, with first units in operation by the late 2020s;
  2. Unite as “Team Canada” to engage international partners to seize export opportunities, influence international standards and secure investments in Canada’s future;
  3. Seek out opportunities to integrate SMRs with other clean energy sources, storage technologies and applications to accelerate Canada’s low-carbon future;
  4. Pursue opportunities to minimize nuclear waste and potentially reuse nuclear fuel, complementing Canada’s existing practices for safe, long-term management of radioactive waste;
  5. Strengthen diversity and representation in the nuclear industry through greater inclusion of women, minority communities and youth, and exploring meaningful and long-term economic partnership opportunities with Indigenous, rural, remote and northern communities;
  6. Leverage Canada’s extensive capabilities in academia, research, engineering and manufacturing in the deployment and export of SMRs; and
  7. Support complementary activities outlined in each partner’s chapter.

All partners are invited to endorse this statement and outline their current actions and future plans in response to the recommendations.